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We Serve Clients Nationwide 1-800-243-4030


When you choose to use reclaimed materials from Reclaimed DesignWorks, you are installing beams, boards and floors rich in historic value. Our products are reclaimed from former barns, warehouses, factories and other old historic buildings across the United States and throughout Canada. In order to preserve the historical significance and architectural accomplishments of the time, materials are primarily reclaimed from buildings and structures that are damaged beyond repair and/or have been abandoned.

Reclaimed timber will add a distinctive dimension to your home or commercial project, with a unique piece of history preserved in each plank, board and beam. You can literally "walk through history” with reclaimed wood from Reclaimed DesignWorks, giving you a one-of-a-kind story to tell time and time again.


In our opinion, a tremendously important benefit of choosing to use reclaimed timber for your building needs is the positive affect your decision will have on the environment. Salvaging old wood to be used again and saving it from landfills is an environmentally responsible choice that will only enhance the personal gratification you’ll feel when you have completed your project.

Choosing to "Go Green" with reclaimed products from Reclaimed DesignWorks is an eco-friendly alternative to harvesting new trees and depleting additional resources and forests. We are proud to be a part of this growing conservation trend and look forward to supplying you with reclaimed timber products from floor to ceiling to help you recycle, renew and reduce during your construction and/or remodeling phase.


Reclaimed antique wood is unrivaled in terms of its ageless beauty and charm, and is unparalleled in its architectural quality and character. We offer beautiful “old-world wood” with rustic textures, traditional elegance and architectural strength and durability. With many of the old historical “character marks” still visible, our reclaimed materials bring warmth, charm and an uncommon sense of style to any commercial or residential new build or remodeling project.

These historical character marks, which include nail holes, saw marks, mortises, notches, bolt holes and rich patinas give hints to the wood’s former life. Using reclaimed wood from Reclaimed DesignWorks offers beauty and defining character that cannot be found in newly-sawn timber, and can never be duplicated.


When our country’s old factories, warehouses and residences were originally built, only the most durable and stable timbers were used to support them. Many of these old structures have endured for hundreds of years. Old-growth trees were typically larger and stronger as they took decades and even centuries to grow and mature. Trees such as Longleaf Yellow Pine were used to build the country from the East Coast to Chicago (we once had approximately 84 million acres of Longleaf Yellow Pine, we now have about 4,000 acres).

Old-growth wood has greater density and is more dimensionally stable than newly-harvested wood, which are desirable traits for specific “high-traffic” uses such as hardwood flooring. Certain rare species can only be found through reclaimed wood suppliers. Reclaimed DesignWorks is proud to provide a new life to these old-growth trees by offering a wide selection of reclaimed timber for all of your structural building and aesthetic design needs.

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