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European White Oak Floors (Northshore)


Far from a fad, reclaimed wide plank flooring is here to stay. Wide plank flooring lends a luxe feel to a space, instantly catches the eye, and sets the tone for a room's aesthetic more dramatically than perhaps any other design feature. Synthetic look-alikes don't offer the same ethos, warmth and personality. True wide plank floors have a time-weathered patina, and every board is unique. It's easy to spot fakes, but it's hard to pinpoint the qualities that make an authentic wide plank floor so remarkable.

Antique Doesn't Mean Outdated

If a dusty neighborhood shop comes to mind when you think of antique wide plank barn wood flooring, you're probably not on the right track. Carefully milled and polished reclaimed wood floors look just as at home in the most contemporary spaces. For many, they're the perfect counterpart to the sharp lines of a modern, minimal space. Wide plank floors are well-loved by the best designers, who see them as an organic springboard for endless design possibilities.

Color and Style Options for Days

Looking for a specific tone, finish or distressed style? You might be surprised at the options available in reclaimed hardwood flooring. From the rich tones of historic plank to light-as-air Alpine — and from practically unmarked planks to those with sawmill marks, charcoal distress and a more rustic finish — the choices are astounding. Reclaimed DesignWorks can also finish your boards as desired, depending on your needs.

These are a few standard features on most products:

  • Tongue-and-groove
  • Prefinished
  • Filled
  • Kiln-dried
  • Precision-milled
  • End-matched lengths

Whether you're looking for the easiest-possible install option, a smooth finish, or a more rustic wide plank flooring look and feel, you'll find it here — along with a stunning array of wood styles and colors.

Sustainable Old-Growth Hardwood

You won't find recently milled wide plank wood flooring like this on the mainstream market. That's because Reclaimed DesignWorks uses old-growth hardwoods from past lives as floors in historic buildings and homes. Our reclaimed wide plank flooring has a remarkable history. It also protects current old-growth forests by re-using, reclaiming and breathing life into already-milled boards.

Modern hardwood floors are typically much narrower and thinner. They're more prone to warping and separating once installed, because they're sourced from younger trees. Wide plank hardwood flooring, however, stands the test of time.

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Explore your design options on this page. Browse the gallery for inspiration, and talk to a Reclaimed DesignWorks expert about the selections available to you. We'd love to help make your goals for your space a reality. We're eager to help you find the perfect material and style of reclaimed flooring to suit your needs.