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who is reclaimed designworks?

Reclaimed DesignWorks (or "RDW") was founded by Don Rue, his son Travis Rue and their partner Scott Peckham.     A family-owned and operated business since inception, Reclaimed DesignWorks has quickly become the nation's leading provider of custom reclaimed building products with showrooms and design specialists in Colorado, Texas, South Carolina and Tennessee.  Over the last 8 years RDW has shipped product all over the United States to both residential and commercial projects and has also shipped material internationally here in North America and abroad.     

so you found us, but why should you choose us?

Well, first and foremost, because we care.  It sounds cliché, but we truly care about you and your project.  From making sure we are suggesting the best material for your application to doing everything we can to make sure your purchase from Reclaimed DesignWorks is as hassle free and seamless as we can make it, we care that you end up with the product of your dreams and an experience that isn't a nightmare.  

Second, because we're really good at what we do!  We don't just "dabble" in reclaimed wood and wide plank flooring, we are the experts.  While you'll find many other companies doing their best to enter the world of "reclaimed" because of its increasing demand and popularity, we've been here for close to a decade doing what we do best... providing customers with the best reclaimed and wide plank flooring products, expert advice and quality service we are known for.  Don't get stuck buying from someone that doesn't know the ins-and-outs of working with these products.  As beautiful as these products can be, they don't come without some challenges to get them exactly the way you want them.  All of us here at Reclaimed DesignWorks are here to help you incorporate authentic reclaimed wood and authentic wide plank hardwood flooring into your home or business exactly as you have envisioned it.         

and while we're at it... Why are we different you ask?

Unlike other wide plank flooring and reclaimed wood suppliers, we are not limited by narrow product lines, localized lumber species selections or limited geographic reach. We can provide what you want, shipped to wherever you need it! When you walk into one of our showrooms or speak with one of our design specialists you’ll see and hear the difference. We simplify the process of finding and ordering quality reclaimed and premium wood product materials, which is too often complicated by having to deal with multiple suppliers when seeking multiple products for your project. With RDW, you won't have to find multiple suppliers for antique or European hardwood flooring, antique beams, authentic barn wood or any other unique wood products. We have it all!  

And when we say we have it all, we mean it.  RDW has one of the largest selections of wide plank flooring available anywhere including antique reclaimed (our specialty), traditionally-milled Woodland Cut (one of our bestsellers), as well as wide plank European oak flooring (absolutely stunning).  And when it comes to walls, we don't stop with just your standard rough stock brown and gray barn wood.  No sir.  We offer barn siding in a wide variety of original patinas, prefinished colors and unique sizes and formats.  And it certainly doesn't end with the floors and walls... think ceilings, countertops, backsplashes, wainscoting and more.  From shou sugi ban to whiskey barrel wood on down to mushroom wood, we can provide you with truly unique products for almost any application – all from one provider!

so are you ready to get started?  we are!

Give us a call, shoot us an email or swing into a showroom today and give us the honor of providing an estimate for your project. We think you'll be glad you did.  

- the RDW family

If you would like to learn more about our company and products, please also click the link below for a PDF overview...

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