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Barn Wood

Reclaimed barn wood has a way of adding style and historical significance to even the most cutting-edge spaces. Experts across the spectrum of design schools regard old barn wood as the perfect neutral — a natural choice in a world of harsh edges. Some even argue that the use of barn wood siding and barn boards in living and working spaces is a crucial part of biophilic design — a movement to bring natural textures and tones inside to create a sense of refuge and well-being.

It's a material with a backstory. Reclaimed barn wood brings the ethos of those laboriously crafted barns, often hewn by hand many decades ago, back into the modern aesthetic. These barns were built for longevity, not style — but they take on a new life when they find their way into today's interiors.

Making old barn wood part of your space gives a nod to the history of an area and the people who labored to create meaningful homes and lives. It's a natural choice for floors, siding, accent walls, ceilings and other interior elements. In a world of chain stores stamped with identical materials and decor, old barn wood adds a backstory — and a uniquely meaningful texture.

It doesn't look like a barn. Reclaimed barn wood for sale doesn't have to look like something from your grandpa's hunting lodge. The truth is, today's reclaimed barn siding runs the gamut from organic, rough-hewn textures to sleek, shiplapped, kiln-dried pieces that find their way into modern spaces. If you're creating a mountain escape and are going for a rustic look, barn wood is the perfect fit. It makes just as much sense in the most minimal, contemporary spaces as well.

It offers soul-soothing beauty. As mentioned above, biophilic design brings natural materials and textures inside — to living spaces, restaurants and offices alike. The idea is that we're at our best when we're surrounded by nature, including natural wood. Old barn boards bring those elements indoors. Reclaimed barn wood creates a sense of home and belonging. Not to mention that using reclaimed wood helps protect today's forests for future generations.

Make Your Space Remarkable

Reclaimed DesignWorks helps homeowners, business owners and designers find the perfect reclaimed barn wood for their projects. Whether you want something with a painted-but-distressed aesthetic or a warm hardwood with soot-darkened sawmill marks, we can source it and support you through design and installation.

We care about every project for which our reclaimed barn wood is used. We're also concerned with far more than just listing old barn wood for sale. We want to help find the ideal materials to suit your needs and to create the meaningful, welcoming look you want for your space. Don’t hesitate to browse our products or contact us today to learn more.