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Create the perfect showpiece for your home with a gorgeous, reclaimed wood fireplace mantel. At Reclaimed DesignWorks, we specialize in making one-of-a-kind pieces that are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. Let our team help you find the perfect color or wood finish that will fit your space and enhance your room. When you bring us your ideas, we’ll work with you to turn them into reality. You can count on our team to craft a reclaimed wood mantel will be a real attention-grabber that reflects and enriches your home’s character and history.

What Is a Reclaimed Fireplace Mantel?

A barn wood mantel is a chimneypiece made of reclaimed and repurposed wood. Because wood is a material that retains its strength over many uses, lumber recovered from old industrial mills, barns and other structures can be ideal for repurposing into today’s reclaimed mantels. Even better, each piece carries its own special story, with a feel and aesthetic all its own. When you choose a reclaimed wood fireplace mantel, you add to the overall beauty and value of your home. Reclaimed fireplace mantels are not only good-looking, naturally beautiful and functional, but they’re also full of history, bringing the stories of bygone buildings into your space.

Why Add a Reclaimed Fireplace Mantel to Your Home?

A reclaimed wood mantel is the perfect way to distinguish your home’s fireplace with added visual appeal, making it a focal point no visitor can overlook. Add to the warmth and coziness of your fireplace by giving it the personality and character that can only come with reclaimed wood. Whether your home has a snug cabin feel, a farmhouse vibe or an eclectic blend of styles, you’ll love what one of our hand-hewn or rough-sawn mantels can add to the space. Even better, reclaimed wood is less likely to shrink or warp when exposed to the high heat of a fireplace. It already has been seasoned and weathered, making it even more functional.

Find the Best in Reclaimed Wood Mantels at DesignWorks

As a family owned and operated business from Day One, Reclaimed DesignWorks is proud to be the nation’s leading provider of custom reclaimed building products of all kinds. We truly care about our customers and do everything we can to make sure you’re happy with your finished design. More than that, we’re experts in the field, backed by more than a decade in the industry. Come to us when you’re looking for a reclaimed wood mantel that’s a cut above the rest — an addition to your home that will stand out for its quality and style for generations.

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