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We Serve Clients Nationwide 1-800-243-4030

Wine And Whiskey Wood

As your one-stop shop for all kinds of wood products and designs you can’t find anywhere else, Reclaimed DesignWorks is pleased to offer the best in wine barrel wood flooring. Handcrafted from reclaimed wine barrel wood, this beautiful material showcases the markings, stamps and patina of its original containers and adds wonderful warmth and authenticity wherever it’s used. Whether you’re looking to create a custom look in a wine room or add reclaimed charm to floors, wainscoting or even a table, reclaimed whiskey barrel wood is a great choice. Let Reclaimed DesignWorks help you find the perfect wood products to complete your space!

What Is Reclaimed Wine and Whiskey Barrel Flooring?

Reclaimed barrel wood comes from either wine or whiskey barrels that were used to age alcohol. Because these barrels can only be used one time, they are a great material to deconstruct and repurpose into flooring. When installed as residential or commercial floors, the wood displays the same rich hues and character of the original barrels. It’s a look that adds historical interest in all kinds of home and business settings. Wine barrel flooring gives you all the timeless beauty of hardwoods, but with the added interest and rustic appeal of reclaimed materials.

Uses and Benefits of This Flooring

The character, quality and provenance of reclaimed barrel wood makes it an exceptional choice for flooring in wine cellars and bars. But it works just as beautifully in applications ranging from kitchen island fascia and wall paneling, to countertops, shelves, dining tables and even ceilings. Essentially, anywhere you want to add a distinctive, eye-catching finish, reclaimed whiskey barrel wood could be the answer. Use it to enhance the appearance and character of your home or business, while enjoying the fact that you’re also reusing a quality natural material.

Why Trust Reclaimed DesignWorks for Your Flooring

A family owned and operated business, Reclaimed DesignWorks is the nation’s leading provider of custom reclaimed building materials today. For more than 10 years, we’ve shipped products all over the U.S., to both residential and commercial clients. As our name implies, reclaimed materials are one of our specialties! When you come to us for wine and whiskey wood floors, you can expect quality service and exceptional materials. We work closely with you to ensure you get the products you need, sourced and delivered as promised. Unlike other reclaimed wood providers, we aren’t hindered by a limited selection. In fact, we have one of the largest catalogs anywhere. Plus, when you order from us, we’ll ship whatever you want to wherever you are!

Visit us online to view our product possibilities and find the perfect wine barrel wood flooring for your site! Or contact Reclaimed DesignWorks today to learn more.