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We Serve Clients Nationwide 1-800-243-4030

RDW Historic Plank Mixed Hardwood (Face Planed) Barn Wood Pricing Available Upon Request

Our RDW Historic Plank Mixed Hardwood (Face Planed) Barn Wood siding incorporates the same assortment of species as our back planed grey/brown reclaimed siding, but we skip plane and sand the surface to create a much different aesthetic. RDW Historic Plank Mixed Hardwood (Face Planed) Barn Wood is characterized by contrast. Parts of each board are planed down to reveal the raw quality of old growth timber underneath the weathering, while parts are left untouched to display their hard-earned antique patina. By simultaneously displaying the aged and natural state of each board, this contrast celebrates the beauty created by decades of exposure and the quality of timber it took to weather the elements.

Dare To Compare

Shopping Reclaimed Barn Wood somewhere else? Is it...

  • Authentic Old Growth Reclaimed Wood?
  • Back-Planed for Uniformity and Easy Install?
  • Available in S4S Edge?
  • Kiln-Dried to Remove Bugs, Mold and Moisture?
  • Cleaned, Brushed and Surface Denailed?
  • Hand-Tallied, Bundled and Bunked?
  • Inspected for Lead-Based Paint?
  • Available for Same Day Pick-up and Install?
  • Available in Natural Patina or Prefinished Colors?

If you can't answer "YES" to all of the questions above, you should be reconsidering your alternatives. In Barn Wood, the phrase "you get what you pay for" couldn't be better applied. Cheaper doesn't mean better!

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  • Nominal Widths Fixed 4.5"
  • Nominal Lengths Random 2' - 8' orders under 500/sf, 2' - 12' orders over 500/sf
  • Nominal Thickness Standard 1/2" to 5/8" 
  • Finish Hit Skip Face
  • Features Kiln Dried, Denailed & Defected
  • Milling Standard S4S Edge
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