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We Serve Clients Nationwide 1-800-243-4030

Hendricks Wood Tile Pricing Available Upon Request

Worn down by the harsh conditions of the American west and her climate, the barns that once embodied this era have now been used to construct our Timber Tile collection. Each tile symbolizes a little piece of history, and can now be incorporated within any design or project. Our unique wooden tiles are not only filled with character and charm, but also embody a past which helped to shape the history of America.

Our Hendricks timber tile is made up of 2”x9” tiles that form to create a larger chevron pattern. Currently recognized as a flat style, our Hendricks wood tile is characterized by it’s singular dimension and uniform thickness. Available in Natural, White, and Ember. 


Why You're Going to Love Them!

  • 100% Green, 100% Reclaimed & 100% American Made!
  • Mounted to a Patented Mesh Backer for Easy Installation
  • Excellent DIY Project Material
  • Great for Feature Walls, Backsplashes, Ceilings & More!
  • Available in 3 Different Finishes (Natural, White, or Ember)

Our one-of-a-kind Timber Tiles will add instant beauty and dimension to any residential or commercial space.

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  • Tile Characteristics Chevron pattern of 2" x 9" tiles
  • Footprint/Surface Area Sold on 18" x 13" sheets
  • Finish Natural, White, or Ember
  • Features Flat style


We offer a series of fine wood tiles hand-made from authentic reclaimed barn wood from the Western United States. These Timber Tiles will add instant beauty and dimension to any residential or commercial space. While the beauty of the reclaimed wood is incredible, the story and history behind each individually-selected piece is even better. These wood tiles come in a series of formats, patterns and colors and include a patent pending backing system that allows them to be installed with thin-set material just like a traditional tile. 

Our Flat Style patterns showcase our singular dimensional tiles. With uniform thickness, these tiles are the epitome of urban rustic design. Designed to capture the beauty of American history while embracing the edge of modern design. All Flat Style wood tiles are made out of authentic reclaimed barn wood.

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