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We Serve Clients Nationwide 1-800-243-4030

Reclaimed Boxcar Planks (Raw) Pricing Available Upon Request

We have a limited supply of reclaimed boxcar planks. These oak or maple planks were used as the original flooring in railroad boxcars and were removed when the railroad car was decommissioned. These planks are beautifully worn from years of use and their size and thickness make them ideal for residential or commercial use as table tops, bar tops, islands, benches, shelving and more. Each plank is roughly 2-1/4” thick x roughly 12” wide x 8’ long.  Availability and exact sizes vary, so please contact a sales rep for more info on these unique products.

Why You're Going to Love Them!

  • Original Patina and Authentic Markings
  • Unfinished, Raw Face
  • Unique Story and History
  • Each Plank is One-of-a-Kind!
  • No Two Planks are Exactly Alike
  • Ideal for Island Tops, Bars, Benches & More
  • Please Note: Since these planks are "unfinished", they will require some sanding & finishing

These transit planks tell a unique story all their own and add instant character and appeal to any residential or commercial project.

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