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We Serve Clients Nationwide 1-800-243-4030

Kurokoge Pricing Available Upon Request

Kurokoge by Reclaimed DesignWorks features accoya wood burnt in the Japanese style of shou sugi ban. Kurokoge can be used for interior or exterior wall cladding. Accoya wood is the result of decades of research and development that has brought together a long-established, extensively proven wood modification technique and leading-edge patented technology – acetylation to create a high performance wood, ideal for all applications.

Why You're Going to Love It!

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Domestic Wood Species with Modern Finishes
  • Excellent Dimensional Stability
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Naturally Insulating
  • Made from Sustainable Resources
  • Non-Toxic and Recyclable


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  • Wide Plank Face Widths  5" 
  • Wide Plank Lengths            2' up to 12' random lengths
  • Wide Plank Thickness Standard    1/2"
  • Finish Standardly burnt and Sealed on Face Only
  • Features Available Sealed Face & Back (Recommended for Exterior Applications)
  • Milling Straight Edge

Attributes of Kurokoge

By significantly enhancing the durability and dimensional stability of fast-growing and abundantly available certified wood species, accoya wood provides compelling environmental advantages over slow-growing hardwoods (which are often unsustainably sourced), woods treated with toxic preservative chemicals, and non-renewable carbon-intensive materials such as plastics, steel and concrete.

Kurokoge Not the Right Shou Sugi Ban For You?