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Woodland Cut Flooring

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Woodland Cut Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Fact is; they don’t make hardwood flooring like they used to. It’s not convenient; it takes effort and patience and requires a steadfast commitment to preserving the natural beauty of our precious forests.

Most modern hardwood flooring is manufactured from trees that were clear-cut for commercial development and only certain parts of the log are ultimately utilized so that mass-produced flooring can look identical from shelf to shelf and store to store.

At Reclaimed DesignWorks, we believe there is a better way to produce hardwood flooring, using methods that harken back to those employed by people that first settled our great country. From a time where quality and preservation were highly valued and milling had a simple goal: turn a log into planks using as much of the log as possible.

Replicating early pioneer-sawing practices, our Woodland Cut flooring planks are live-sawn in the forest from hand-selected, fully matured, slow growth trees, resulting in tight natural grain variations, unique appearance, and coloration and character that would be removed by other modern lumber grading practices. By utilizing the entire log through-and-through we are able to present you with the longest lengths and widest planks available, and minimize the amount of wood from our forests that is wasted.

This rare milling practice creates a wide plank flooring product that features (and includes) multiple grades of lumber from board to board. Our Woodland Cut floors include a mixture of select-grade cuts, such as rift and quartered, plain, and quarter-sawn boards, normally separated and sold at a premium price by other manufacturers. The result is a breathtaking floor that will truly be the centerpiece of any room. Which one will you choose?

Smooth Woodland Cut Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Circular Sawn Woodland Cut Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Ready to transform your space with our Woodland Cut wide plank hardwood flooring? Contact Reclaimed DesignWorks today to learn more about incorporating this very special product into your project!