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Old Growth Flooring

Old Growth Hardwood Flooring

They just don’t make them like they used to. Milled from the timbers of mature trees, our old growth hardwood flooring has a storied past, boasting natural character marks and a weathered patina that cannot be commercially duplicated.

At Reclaimed DesignWorks, our old growth hardwood flooring gives any room that stop-and-stare factor. Our old growth hardwoods are milled from fully mature, fallen or standing dead trees that are 100-plus years old. The slower a tree grows, the denser its fibers grow — creating a rich, detailed look that makes a statement in any space.

What gives this wood so much character? Our old growth hardwood planks feature original marks, knots and grain marks, which reveal a glimpse into the tree’s historic past. Which one will you choose?

Smooth Old Growth Hardwood Flooring


Circular Sawn Old Growth Hardwood Flooring


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