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Our Products

  • Reclaimed Beams

    Antique Timber Beams

    We offer a variety of reclaimed wood beams and posts from centuries-old structures. With their rustic, yet refined appeal, these beams include saw marks from the original saw blade used to mill them or axe cuts from the craftsman who squared them by hand. We hand select every one of our beams for premium quality and aesthetic appeal so you can be confident when using them as part of your project.
  • Reclaimed Boards

    Antique Boards & Barn Wood Siding

    We reclaim old barn wood siding by carefully dismantling barns and other wooden structures in America’s East and Midwest. Each plank is hand-inspected and de-nailed, kiln-dried to remove moisture and impurities, and then milled into distinctive wood of strength, character and durability. Meticulously sorted by color and width, our barn siding is available in grey/brown, white and red.
  • Reclaimed Mantels

    Reclaimed Fireplace Mantels

    We offer an unparalleled selection of reclaimed timbers that are custom finished for use as fireplace mantels. Each timber is truly one-of-a-kind and these antique mantels will become a conversation piece in your home or business because of the dramatic significance they add to your fireplace. Each of our premium timbers is hand-selected and custom finished by our craftsmen to give it a unique feel all its own. With original mortise and tenon holes, checking and patina, these mantels will truly make an impressive statement.
  • Reclaimed Timber Tiles

    Reclaimed Timber Tiles

    Reclaimed Timber Tiles, offered by Reclaimed DesignWorks, are the finest wood tiles available. Made from barn wood from the Western United States, this series of handmade tiles adds depth and beauty to any room.
  • Reclaimed Wine Barrel Wood

    Reclaimed Wine Barrel Wood

    Whether you’re taken by the sheer beauty of it, or enthralled with the history stamped on the barrels, our vintage wine barrel collection enhances the uniqueness of a wine cellar, bar, kitchen, game room, restaurant or almost any application. These authentic wine barrels are painstakingly disassembled and milled into three very distinctive products lines: Cooperage, Infusion and Stave.
  • Reclaimed Truck Planks

    & Much More

    In addition to Reclaimed Beams, Boards and Floors, we offer a number of other reclaimed products that truly differentiate Reclaimed DesignWorks as a one-stop-shop for everything reclaimed.
  • Reclaimed Boxcar Planks

    Reclaimed Boxcar Planks

    We have a limited supply of reclaimed maple and oak boxcar planks. These planks were used as the original floor in railroad boxcars and were removed when the railroad car was decommissioned.
  • Antique Barn Stone Veneers

    Reclaimed Barn Stone Veneers

    Reclaimed DesignWorks’ authentic collection of reclaimed barn stone veneers features what was once regarded as some the world’s finest sandstone. Locally quarried back in the mid-1800′s to early-1900′s, Northern Ohio sandstone maintains a density that far exceeds stone from other regions, which made it the preferred building material of the past century.